We can make 
Your Dream come true

We quickly grasp the intention of clients and develop

mobile games with best quality.  

We guarantee you premium quality of our works.

We will work on the tasks until the clients is 100% satisfied with the result.

We guarantee you premium 
quality of our works.
We will work on the tasks until 
the clients is 100% satisfied with the result.

Development Studio

From years of experiences of global IP game development and original game development, we communicate to quickly grasp our clients’ intention and provide them with the quality work for multiplatform such as mobile, PC and console.

Unreal Studio

Development Team Based on Unreal Engine
Directed the art of mobile masterpiece MMORPG.

Unity Studio

We have a full-game development team based on Unity engine. The team is a major member of the Mobile Collection  PRG, Sports, Casual and Full Game Development Studio. 

Platforms & Technology

iOS / Android
PC Games
Windows / Mac
PS4 / Xbox One / Switch


Platforms & Technology

Xbox One

Art Studio

With graphic art skills built for a long period of time since JSC first started, our art teams have taken to globe working for clients all over the world. We are proud of our top-class graphic art know-hows  from 2D and 3D characters, backgrounds, VFX and animation. Our clients deserve all these techniqes to express their work in the best, and it is the greatest joy for us to provide them with the best service with close communication and flexible response.

Highend Graphic Team

We have High quality 3D graphic team for PC, Console game

3D Grahpic Team

We provide full-cycle service for 3D assets of PC, Console Game

3D Characters, background, animation, VFX...

2D Graphic Team

2D concepts,  illustrations, spa-in animation

Our benefits
& advantages

Best prices-quality value

Thanks to our flexible
organization, our overheads are kept to the strict minimum, thus we can offer one of the best quality-price ratio on the market. 

Clear Communication

The key to a successful outsourcing mission is communication ! With our always reactive replies, as well as various production management tools, you are sure that we are always on track with your project.

Art outsourcing services

Our Game Art outsourcing services include 3D modeling , Zbrush Sculpting, 3D Game characters, 3D Game charavter Modeling, 3D asstets and  animation for PC, Consoles and Mobile platforms. We are working with the best talented and experienced Artists to be sure to get the quality we need at an affordable price.

Skilled Art team

We are choosen among the best international veterans Artists. with us, you are sure to have the best individual or team you could possibly have.